I like to read. No, I don’t just like to read, I have to read. One of the great disappointments of my life was at the grand age of six when I discovered that reading was not on the kindergarten curriculum. So, apologies to my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. H., because I’m sure I was super fun when I cried every single day.

Anyways, besides reading, I also like to tell people what they should read. I mean, obviously if I enjoyed a book, you will too. Really, you will. I’m objectively correct about these things.

So, that’s all you really need to know about me. One, I like to read, and two, I like to tell you what to read. Oh, and I like to talk with other people about what I read, and maybe I’d like share a little bit of writing too.

You can talk back, but be respectful, don’t be a troll, and know that sarcasm is my first language.

contact me here: booksandbeans99@gmail.com

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